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ABOUT US, 99% of Serbia, who are we and why do we exist:

We are the people who were inspired and joined together by a need to do something in order to change the prevailing state of discontent, injustice and absurdity. This collective state is being driven by the current economic and political system - the system which has become a purpose unto itself.

We are striving towards a new society which will primarily value human beings and life itself, not economic or political interests. We are not a political party. We do not have leaders. Do not label us as democrats, communists or anarchists.

We demand a society where everybody has an equal opportunity, and not a society or a country where healthcare, education and food become the privilege of the rich, while hunger, sickness  unemployment and participation in 'humanitarian wars' remain the only ‘privilege’ of the poor.

The current political and corporate system does not satisfy the needs of modern individual. Such a model of society, which is being imposed on us, has  lost its purpose a long time ago. The government is only protecting the interests of big banks and corporations. And yet they tell tales of ‘democracy’ – and try to sell us a system where voting on elections becomes a futile endeavor, given that all candidates are financed by the same economic elite.

We do not have to tolerate their selfishness and lies any further. We can peacefully win the battle for a dignified life – this however depends on the readiness and willpower of all.

It is important WHERE you want to be – on a sofa in front of the TV, where nobody is asking for your opinion, but brainwashing you into accepting a system of corrupt values and a distorted version of reality or in the streets and public squares, where at this very moment people around the World are seeking new paths and fresh ideas.

The movement which we named ‘99% of Serbia’ is a part of the global movement started by a handful of brave people at some public square in Spain. Today, hundreds of thousands are protesting in the entire World and millions are following our activity and providing support.

Let us become the people who want to feel and live free! There are solutions to our problems!

                                                                                                                                                  99% of Serbia