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Serbs and Albanians on Kosovo: The truth is out there somewhere
Do you notice how different these two beings are? 
Here's some help: in the picture is Dragoljub Simic (left) with Fazlija Uko (right). Serb and Albanian.
You still see no difference? 
You don't see it because there is none. Both of them are people, before anything else. The difference you were supposed to notice when someone mentions the Serbs and Albanians came from the outside, it is not domestic.

"I wish we were not separated. Why should we separate, Dragoljub and I, when we grew up together? Now neither side is well.
There were times where you were able to go anywhere you wanted, to stay the night where you want and not be afraid that something will happen to you. Now we are all afraid of everything, " ends his monologue Fazlija.

The theme of my writing is Kosovo.
Topic that no one knows exactly where is the beginning and the end. I started with the people who live down there. Not Belgrade and Pristina, not Vuk and Edita, but Dragoljub and Fazlija. Because this is their piece of land.

Dragoljub once, while patrolling the forest (he is a forest ranger by profession), found the little A'isha Isljami, which was lost when she went to gather mushrooms and was not even aware that she crossed the administrative line. Frightened girl kept repeating to Dragoljub "Slatina, Slatina."

Dragoljub realized that the girl was from Slatina and remembered that he once had a friend there, and his phone number. Immediately he called his old friend who responded enthusiastically that the whole village was looking for the little A'isha. They agreed to meet at the administrative border around midnight, to safely hand the little girl over to her parents. Her parents were so grateful that they offered Dragoljub "kumstvo" (god-fatherhood)

This is not the only case.
I know many of them, because life has led me to many people living in Kosovo. And they all agree on one thing, both Serbs and Albanians, that hatred is inserted from the outside, that the politicians are to blamed for everything, that "the people of the West" are to be blamed for everything.

For the years pass, agreements are made, people are killed, fires are set, and people's lives are harder and harder, on both sides.

They share the same troubles. While they are fighting for a slice of bread, someone in Brussels, apparently is representing their interests. Albanians down there are living in desperate conditions, the Serbs in even worse.

I will take the liberty to express my opinion, and "Let the American NATO sue me" as Edo Maajka says. In the next few sentences and examples I will try to figure out this mess.

I will give examples of those who act as on-duty police officers who crossed the ocean to fight on the side of justice in Kosovo.

Former deputy chief of UNMIK, Steven Schook, is an adviser for the party of Ramush Haradinaj, for which he receives an enormous compensation. And his colleague Jock Covey is positioned high in the  Bechtel Corporation  which is building highways in Kosovo and Albania.

Behind one of the leading mobile operator in the territory of Kosovo "Ipko net" is a consulting firm "Albright Group", namely Madeleine Albright. Her company took over the job of special adviser of the Chairman Board of the Kosovo internet provider "Ipko net."

He who has begun to reap the fruits even during his mandate is the current U.S. Ambassador in Pristina, Christopher Dell. He was involved in the export of slag waste derived from Trepca.
In this business, but also allowing some people close to Hashim Thaci to take piece of the cake, he actually runs a lucrative business for companies affiliated with the company owned by Madeleine Albright.

Bernard Kushner, the first head of the UN mission in Kosovo, is married to an Albanian woman, but according to some, this is not the only cause of his occasional visits to Kosovo. It is suspected that a former French Foreign Minister has a business in Kosovo.

The first KFOR Commander, British General Michael Jackson returned to Kosovo after 12 years, but now as a representative of "Core management group."

The last to realize that the return could be a lucrative business, is a retired U.S. general Wesley Clark, who commanded NATO forces during the bombing of Yugoslavia, and today manages a Canadian energy corporation "Envidity".
He urged the authorities in Pristina for a license for exploration of coal reserves used to make synthetic oil.
There are many more "friends of Kosovo" which are on the payroll ant to them such licenses must be approved.

"A friend of Kosovo" receives money or privilege to develop his business in Kosovo. More and more of them are coming to collect a payment for lobbying for the won independence. And that will not be good either for the Serbs or the Albanians.

The first and the last problem of Kosovo is KFOR, and all those who had come from the outside, various diplomats and other experts, the on-duty policemen who are fighting for justice and peace (in their view) around the world.

The same people who on this day, 17 June 2012, threatened mainly defenseless people with live ammunition at the barricades. The people down there are left to the mercy of such people. It's high time for Dragoljub and Fazlija to sit at the table, not Belgrade and Pristina, in order to drive away the ones who are making it impossible for them to walk freely.

In order to drive away those who came to lobby and are seeking payment now. This is my message to the Serbs and Albanians, this is the message worldwide.

Let hese people alone already, share the justice in your own country, let everyone choose how they want to live in their own backyard. Dragoljub, Fazlija and others who live down there, do not listen to corrupt politicians for which you are the last hole on a flute, get up, get rid of the chains. Send away those who are poisoning you with hatred and shooting at you.
Get rid of KFOR!

It is 99% against 1%. It is a struggle, on one side, of politicians (local and foreign), tycoons, those modern slave owners against the people, whatever religion and etnicity they are, who live in Kosovo and Metohija.
These people must realize already that together they account for 99% and that only together they can get rid of the burden that is placed on their already tired back. It is also our struggle, of those of us who do not live there.

Do not let yourself be poisoned by hatred and stories they invent to suit themselves.

In the hope that this message will reach those who live down there, and will be understood by people who now sit comfortably in a chair in another part of Serbia, I write these lines, full of anxiety and fear, bitterness and genuine human compassion with the suffering of the people who live there.
I hope also that it will reach those who are calling for "Kill, slaughter, so that Šiptar exists no more."
If you are Orthodox, then that cry is not in the spirit of your faith.
If you are atheists, and yet you speak so, first of all you are people.
 And it is not natural for a man to call for a murder of another man.

The Albanian people are not the enemy, they are tormented as we are, the real enemies are those who came from the outside to enforce the order. And those who are in power, and play in their rhythm, from both sides.



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