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Urgent appeal from the 99% Serbia: Save the truth & life of the man who has exposed 1%


Urgent appeal from the 99% Serbia:

Please help us to save the truth and the life of a man who has exposed the biggest international political and banking robbery in the ex-Yugoslavia, since the World War 2.

We are appealing to the Occupy movements and people all around the world to help us spread the truth about the biggest internationally organized political-banking robbery after the WW2 and save the life of the Croatian investigative journlist Domagoj Margetic who has been on hunger strike since 11/03/2013.

For those unaware of the work of Domagoj Margetic we would like to bring to your attention the most important discoveries from his long-standing research:

- Domagoj has discovered the nasty truth behind the war between Serbia and Crioatia exposing the facts that former Serbian and Croatian presidents, Slobodan Milosevic and Franjo Tudjman respectively, have during the 90’s robbed its own people of more than 100 billion euros
- The former and current political and bankster elites – both local and international – have assisted realization of this shameful scheme
- Domagoj Margetic has through his research highlighted the political background of the murder of the late Serbian premier Zoran Djindjic

For further information on his research please read the petition.
With this call for petition we are appealing to you to help us save the truth and freedom and respect for whistleblowers.

For start please sign the petition that calls for the protection of whistleblowers in Croatia. This would also help us spread the truth globally about the political and economic background of the wars in ex-Yugoslavia.

Finally it would help us expose the truth about the dirty deals of the 1% (politicians and banksters) across Serbia, Croatia, BiH, Austria and rest of Europe!

We are the 99%. The world is ours. Let change it for the better, together!

Link to sign the petition:

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