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Taksim Commune: Gezi Park and the Turkish Uprising

In their latest documentary, Global Uprisings tells the story of the occupation of Gezi Park, its violent eviction, and the mass uprising it sparked. By Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh


Urgent appeal from the 99% Serbia: Save the truth & life of the man who has exposed 1%


Urgent appeal from the 99% Serbia:

Please hepl us to save the truth and the life of a man who has exposed the biggest international political and banking robbery in the ex-Yugoslavia, since the World War 2.

We are appealing to the Occupy movements and people all around the world to help us spread the truth about the biggest internationally organized political-banking robbery after the WW2 and save the life of the Croatian investigative journlist Domagoj Margetic who has been on hunger strike since 11/03/2013.

For those unaware of the work of Domagoj Margetic we would like to bring to your attention the most important discoveries from his long-standing research:


Since the Mexican debt crisis, 30 years of neoliberalism

Mexico’s collapse of 1982, and the extreme policy response of the US and IMF, marked the birth of an elite consensus that continues to haunt Europe today.


As Nick Dearden, Director of the Jubilee Campaign for debt cancellation just wrote for the New Statesman, this week marks the “anniversary of an event of great resonance”. For this week it is exactly 30 years ago that Mexico temporarily suspended its debt payments to foreign creditors,  thereby marking the beginning 


of what would eventually escalate into the first international debt crisis of the neoliberal era. Things would never be the same again.


What ensued was not only a tragic collapse of living standards throughout the developing world and a lost decade for Mexicans and millions of poor people in the Global South – most notably in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa — but also a historic shift in power relations between debtors and creditors in the emerging global political economy. Indeed, 1982 marked the global ascendance of Wall Street...