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Serbs and Albanians on Kosovo: The truth is out there somewhere

The theme of my writing is Kosovo.
Topic that no one knows exactly where is the beginning and the end. I started with the people who live down there. Not Belgrade and Pristina, not Vuk and Edita, but Dragoljub and Fazlija. Because this is their piece of land.

Dragoljub once, while patrolling the forest (he is a forest ranger by profession), found the little A'isha Isljami, which was lost when she went to gather mushrooms and was not even aware that she crossed the administrative line. Frightened girl kept repeating to Dragoljub "Slatina, Slatina."

Dragoljub realized that the girl was from Slatina and remembered that he once had a friend there, and his phone number. Immediately he called his old friend who responded enthusiastically that the whole village was looking for the little A'isha. They agreed to meet at the administrative border around midnight, to safely hand the little girl over to her parents. Her parents were so grateful that they offered Dragoljub "kumstvo" (god-fatherhood)