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Minutes of meetings
#2septembar: Protest protiv svih političara u slikama

Potpisivanje peticije za ukidanje BusPlusa i deklaracije za odbranu suvereniteta nad zemljom, hranom i prirodnim resursima Srbije od 2. septembra svakog dana od 12 do 20 časova na trgu Republike. 



Beograd, 2. Septembar 2013. Fotografije: Saša Čolić/Kamerades


International Human Rights Day - Belgrade

On 10.12.2011. , 99% of Serbia did a small performance to celebrate the International Human Rights Day - a 5X6m chalk drawing on the main square in Belgrade. Afterwards, we symbolically help up the paper figure of the Human Rights Logo. That was not the only event, however. We did a human mic in order to express our discontent with the fact that Human Rights today only exist in theory. All over the world and in Serbia honest, hard-working people are living a hard life, while criminals avoid justice.